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Tour d’Gero Bike-a-Thon

On Saturday 23rd November our first fundraiser was held! It was an exciting, jammed pack day with a goal of $1,500 that we hoped to raise on the day…. Well we smashed that out of the water and the generosity of our Geraldton community and the riders who entered saw us bring in a total of $2,564.30. 

If we focus on raising a dollar for every kilometer then we are nearly a quarter of the way there! All donations count, every dollar makes a difference and you can contribute too at

Check out our awesome teams of riders below – all riding 30 minutes as a team with the fastest team making an impressive 17.7km distance in that time!



We are so grateful for everyone donating their time to us on the day and helping with our successful first fundraiser for Camp Quality and my journey with the Tour d’Afrique – THANK YOU!!.