Tough Times

Day 7 – Sonia and the TDA competitors cycled with sunny skies from their Desert Camp to yet another Desert Camp. It was a mighty 130km stint in 32 degree heat with North Westerly winds approx 21km/h.


Day 8 – The last day of riding before Sonia and the other cyclists got a well earned break! Their 124km cycle took them to their next resting point for a day which is at Atbara. This gave them time to spend sightseeing at the Pyramids of Meroe.


A message from Sonia “Its been a tough week mentally watching others ride whilst laid up. Waking on the morning of stage 5 and making the decision not to ride, saw me change clothes from bike knicks to shorts 4 times, still suffering neck and back pain from stage 4, the tremadol hadn’t touch the sides of the pain nor did all the other meds. Lots of tears, and a hacking chest infection. I am out of the EFI. I managed 76km on stage 6 before collapsing after returning from the Pyramids at lunch time. Stages 7 and 8, I remained in the truck. I have 3.5 months ahead to catch up on all I have missed and hope that I can get my strength back to do it. I have changed my tyres ready for a gruelling 5 days ahead, of rough off road terrain, sand and a mix of both. Day 6 will see us back on paved ground for the final 140km of that leg before our next rest day.
The Pyramids today of Meroe where definately something to see. Not as big as Cairo but still special all the same.
Not looking at the pyramids I could of sworn I was still in Gero, hot, windy and sandy.
I’m sitting once more on the banks of the Nile, this time in Atbara. Again another little town thats happy to pass on tummy bugs free of charge.
We are again staying in an abandoned Amusement Park.
The town crier started at 5am this morning, seriously its rest day! Then greeted with overflowing longdrop dunnies, and an upset tummy. Woohoo Desert Camp tomorrow
…… Thanks everyone for your support, its been tough and nothing like I expected. From someone that rarely gets sick, it was hard to except riding on a truck watching others on their bikes. I couldnt understand why everyone thought I was crazy taking this on but I have a clear understanding now. No Masseurs in Sudan!!!!”


More updates on the TDA as they come in …….

But before w sign out we want to share information on our fundraising …. Initially we set a goal of $1 per km and on Day 7 of the epic four month journey we had already raised $5,303.30! Leaving only $6,389.70 to reach our goal! We are almost halfway there already – which is incredible!! Thank you to the generosity of everyone so far – every little bit counts so dig deep to help the kids of Camp Quality and to support this massive journey that Sonia is undertaking. Visit – Laughter is the BEST Medicine!