Day 1 to Day 5 – Highs and Lows

Day 1 stage 1 – After months and months of stress and preparation finally Sonia’s Tour d’Afrique began at 7.30am on the 10th January. Her first leg was an 81km journey to their first camp site. This leg was from Khartoum to Abu Doloca with a road that was mostly paved and flat with a temperature of around 26degrees and Northerly winds at 30km/h


The Starting Group


Day 2 – A distance of 148km in 26 dregrees and winds NE25 the trip on day 2 was from Abu Doloca to Desert Camp

Day 3 – 143km to Sonia’s next camp and next contact. The temp was around 28degrees with sunny skies and winds NE20km/h

Day 4 – Last day of cycling today before Sonia gets a break for a day! After four days of babywipe showers a real shower will be heavenly! Day fours distance covers 146km with a sunny 28degree day and winds N15km/h.

ImageOne of the Camp Sites

Latest update (Day 4) – Little bit of upset in the TDA camp for some riders. With the first 4 days being very unforgiving on riders many were and still are sore. Unfortunately Sonia was one of those riders and was not able to ride on Day 5. She is still in a lot of pain from a neck and back injury that has appeared out of no where but with the help of the medical staff, rest day yesterday and a day off hopefully she will be back in the saddle tomorrow!

Day 5 – With Sonia resting her injuries today for the other riders a 112km cycle to a desert camp with sunny skies, winds NE10km/h and temp of 30degrees is ahead!


Day 6 – 110km cycle to another DC. Sunny skies with winds NE10km/h and temp of 28degrees. Good luck Sonia!

A message from Sonia: “Starting out easy was not an option in Sudan. 4 days heading north, 527km in 30+ km head winds was the toughest thing I have ever done. I have managed to stay EFI however half of our group was out by the second day. EfI for those that are unaware of the term is ” Every Frigging Inch”
Have you ever tried setting up a tent in a desert in 30+ winds? Being with a number of different nationalities I have learnt a whole new vocabulary.
And toilets, well they don’t exist and after a 10 min walk into the desert I was still in plain view of everyone but there were no mounds to hide behind, so with the sand blowing, the nicks were off and all inhabitions were lost.
I wasn’t prepared for the freezing conditions, so cold at night and riding where my fingers and toes were still numb 3 hrs into the morning rides.
Character building I think they call it…..

Rest day today was spent in an old Amusement Park on the shores of the Nile. Just beautiful having breakfast looking over the Nile, a far cry from the past days eating, sleeping and riding sand.
Washing of body and clothes was a beautiful feeling.
The butt is raw and we are all walking around like ducks with our butts poking out to take the pressure of the sore spots.
Tomorrow we start our next leg but turning south east so will be/ should be pleasant riding with only 128km to camp.
Why is it that a weatherman can be the only person to stuff up 80% of the time and still keep his job???? I hope he’s got it right this time
Well its good night from me now till my next rest day.

Sonia Numbutt

Stay tuned for more updates as they come in …..

And remember to donate to – $1 per km for the kids of Camp Quality!



Starting Line

The starting line, the first day, the moment an epic journey began on January 10th. Sonia’s belongings were packed on the truck, directions were issued and her backup mount was chosen should her bike fail her. The weather seemed perfect apart from the 30k head winds all the way – the wind had obviously followed her from home!

Stage One:


The first stage in Sonia’s word “…is just a short ride of 81 or maybe 84 km…” – the distance depending on whether the first camp was uninhabital due to unforseen circumstances then the second camp at the 84km mark was the next option. This is Africa after all and anything goes!


Next wifi zone was in Dongola on Tuesday 14th – so stay tuned to hear more in futher updates today!

In Sonias own words as she departed on the 10th “Bring it on!” Thats enough reason for all of us to get up today and set our sights high and achieve something we have let fear hold us back from!!



People ARE Awesome

Well with only 12 sleeps to go until the Tour d’Afrique kicks off Sonia is packing her bags (and bike) in preparation for her gruelling trek through Africa. Our AWESOME local community has rallied behind Sonia’s fundraising for Camp Quality with over 2,700 km being sponsored so far! With a goal to raise $1 per km we are already a smidge of the way there!!

So a BIG thankyou to the spirit of the children and to the many sounds of laughter you have all contributed to!

You can get behind the journey and the fundraising efforts by visiting