Starting Line

The starting line, the first day, the moment an epic journey began on January 10th. Sonia’s belongings were packed on the truck, directions were issued and her backup mount was chosen should her bike fail her. The weather seemed perfect apart from the 30k head winds all the way – the wind had obviously followed her from home!

Stage One:


The first stage in Sonia’s word “…is just a short ride of 81 or maybe 84 km…” – the distance depending on whether the first camp was uninhabital due to unforseen circumstances then the second camp at the 84km mark was the next option. This is Africa after all and anything goes!


Next wifi zone was in Dongola on Tuesday 14th – so stay tuned to hear more in futher updates today!

In Sonias own words as she departed on the 10th “Bring it on!” Thats enough reason for all of us to get up today and set our sights high and achieve something we have let fear hold us back from!!