About Sonia

Sonia has been a personal trainer for 5 years and has managed a fitness centre. Her 23 year old daughter, Sheena, who thinks her Mum is a little nuts but loves her all the same! Alreading completing the Kokoda Trail twice, climbing Everest Base Camp, Chi lo Pass and the Hua Shan in China (one of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world), as well as cycling through the UK and backpacking alone through China, Asia and Europe and these expeditions are what she calls a holiday! Loving the danger and thrill of the unknown it is no surprise that Sonia has signed up to the Tour d’Afrique and all just for fun! Committing herself to an 11,693km expedition on her bicycle through Africa, starting in Khartoum and finishing in Cape Town. This is a tough journey to say the least but it is an adventure of a lifetime and inspirational effort made even more so with her appeal to raise $35,000 for Camp Quality along the way. What a woman and wonderful human being!


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